Gone Fishing

It has been ages since I have blogged….but there are lots of good reasons. Firstly, I have been painting! Feast your eyes on my newest oil painting I call ‘Gone Fishing’.  I have to say that it certainly was a challenge, but I am pleased that it turned out….you see, it is a wedding gift for my son, Ryan, who will wed in August.  Secondly, I am in the midst of a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training adventure and am happy to announce that by September we will be able to add Yoga: The Art of Movement to our repretoire.

This Little Pig Went to Market….

After concentrating on portraits for the past few years, Jack Hodd, decided to try a different genre….the whimsical piglet was finished just in time for a Christmas present for his grandchildren.  Check out Jack’s profile on the Gallery.  You will fall in love with his work!

All Aboard!

This painting is a beautiful rendition of a steam train by Lorraine.  Lorraine attends the Wednesday Art Adventures class at the Creative Art Academy.  She paints in oils and is now ready to step up her game.  Discovering the foundations of art will definitely add to her painting skills….composition, perspective, colour theory….are just a few of the classes we offer in conjunction with our painting classes.

Anyone Can Learn to Draw

We, at the Creative Art Academy, believe anyone can learn to draw whether they are “talented” or not.  Drawing is a skill like reading or cooking or playing soccer.  Sure, some people are naturals at these things, and look like pros their first day out, but the rest of us have to learn.  You can learn how to draw as easily as learning to cook or play soccer, and probably much easier than learning how to read.  At the Creative Art academy we break down for you step by step all the drawing processes.  Why not challenge yourself and give it a try.


We  also just added a class on Monday afternoons from 12:30-2:30.  This class is for serious minded students who want to gain greater knowledge of their artwork:  How to use the elements and principles of design to create the perfect composition; colour mixing theory; and answers any and all your questions regarding the “making of art”.  I have had over 40 years worth of experience in the field of art and enjoy sharing my knowledge to those interested individuals.  The class is informal and focuses more on the foundations of art.  One of the students has expressed a desire to sell her artwork and has asked for instruction regarding how to develop an original composition and wants to learn a variety of techniques to use to produce something worthy of selling.


The painting below is one example of incorporating the elements and principles of design.  It has a sense of balance, graduation, contrast, harmony, dominance and unity.  By studying other work of artists you like you can gain a wealth of information that will contribute to your own work and by developing a critical eye to enhance your paintings.


Happy New Year!

Thank you for being so patient with this newsletter….my lovely husband and I just returned from a Christmas holiday and now it is time to get back to work!  Unfortunately as I was adding new classes for this new year, the website seems to be having some hiccups and the dates didn’t print onto the calendar….therefore, while that is getting fixed, I will fill you in on some of the upcoming events:

January 21st there will be a Cooking Class for Kids from 9.30-11.30.

January 28th will be the beginning of a Photography Course which will cover 4 Saturdays . from 12.30-2.30 PM.  This is available for children and adults and is also designed for a Family Fun experience where a parent can bring a child and only pay one fee.

Watch for more postings…….in the meantime, I thought I would share this cute painting that Jemima painted for a Christmas gift…..these children are so talented.  What do you thingk?



SWOOSH! Another Month Gone…Hello November!!!


Swoosh!  Luke has the right idea…..let’s celebrate November with a Seascape….a reminder how awesome nature can be.  Luke is currently applying for an Art Scholarship at a nearby school.  He is madly trying to get all his artwork ready for the event.  At Creative Art Academy we give students the necessary guidance to accomplish artwork in various mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolour, silk, glass, pencil); we give the students guidance in colour theory (primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, monochromatic colours); and we make sure that the students can express themselves in a variety of genre (portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life, observational drawing, etc.)  Luke’s Mom is just concerned that she will have to make several trips from the car to the classroom as Luke has turned out quite a few masterpieces over the 4 years he has been at the art studio.  Good Luck Luke!

Several people have been asking when the next Mosaic class will be held…AND when will we have another photography class for parents and kids alike…..get in touch if you are interested as we shall plan to have some more wonderful classes in the New Year.

Did you know that you can now have your paintings turned into beautiful, high-quality cards?  The Creative Art Academy have just joined up with an American organisation that can print cards, canvases, photo albums and posters of your own unique paintings.  Please call for further information if you have any questions.

As we all are all too aware, Christmas is right around the corner.  Why not give someone special a gift that they can enjoy and develop for years to come….a gift certificate for some art classes.  Please contact Marcia at 01424-421120 or email info@creativeartacademy.com to order that special gift.

Bow Wow! Don’t I Look Good!!!!!

Just wanted to share another gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.  This is our puppy….only he (Henry IX) is made out of papier-mache.  We discovered him at an art auction a few years ago and since then have made contact with the artist who has shared her inner secrets with us…..imagine all the unique things you could do with this knowledge.  Bow Wow!

Who is That?????

Jack is our Postman who has been painting at the Creative Art Academy for about four years.  His first pieces were in abstract form, but he has slowly emerged as a Portrait Artist.  This was his most recent rendition and it is a self-portrait.  Not surprisingly all the children (and that includes GCSE students) have wanted to give painting a self-portrait a go after seeing his painting in the Studio…..learning how to paint eyes, the nose, ears, etc. can be quite challenging at times, but it is worth it!  Have you seen this man walking around Hastings or St Leonards with his mail bag?  Next time say ‘Hi, Jack!  I’d recognise you anywhere!’  Smile.

What Time is It?

Can you spot the difference?  This is a plain wall that has been painted in a brick motif to match the top of the fireplace in my daughter’s house.  We used sponges, left over emulsion that we found under her cupboards and masking tape….voila!  You can also learn how to do these inspiring creations in your home….furniture, canvas…..have you tried to marble a background?  There are so many areas within the umbrella of  ’Decorative Art for the Home’……call and ask for information and sign up!  The time is NOW……

Wild Horses Won’t Keep Me Away from my Art!

The seasons are quickly changing and I have had to find all my winter jumpers to keep the chill off.  This longing to keep warm and stay indoors does have advantages, however.  At the Creative Art Academy we are offering lots of fun classes to keep your interests high and your creativity in full swing!

On Friday, October 14th why don’t you come along to our Art Jamming class from 6.30-8.30.  You will be able to paint and enjoy a gourmet meal while unwinding after a full week of work…it is SO relaxing!  Besides all of our regular classes we are offering a Jewellery Making Class on Saturday, October 15th and, we are excited to say that another great Photography Class will be beginning November 5th for six weeks.  Parents and children are invited to participate as part of our Family Fun Saturday events.  These have proved very popular in the past so please come and join us.

I also wanted to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lauren Manning who is having her birthday party celebration at the Creative Art Academy on Saturday, October 29th…..she is sharing her special day with 8 friends for a fun-fill art experience of her choice…photos will follow in the next Newsletter.