Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Three Bears

                    This isn’t the usual story of the Three Bears, but a new rendition by Jemima Tobin.  Her fantasy bears are the cutest and look great against her starry, starry night….well … Continue reading

Jaymie is All Heart!

Jaymie just started at the Creative Art Academy a few weeks ago.  For her first project she decided to keep her composition quite simple, yet very dramatic!  This was her first introduction to trying oil paints….I think she has been … Continue reading

Birthday Parties!!!

There were lots of birthdays over the summer holidays and this is a picture of Maia’s special party.  She invited 7 ‘best friends’ to the art workshop…Maia also selected her themed party to include 3 types of cuddly bears on … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Hi my name is Mary……Have you ever had a teacher tell you to draw a picture of yourself.  Sometimes looking into that mirror can be so off-putting….but having fun with the assignment can interesting, too .  I tried to see … Continue reading

Buggy over Sunflowers…

Jemima just finished her rendition of a beautiful sunflower complete with plastic bug!  She is learning how to fill her composition with a decorative border and then add a controversial twist.  We do have a weird sense of humour at … Continue reading

Treasures, Trash or Decorative Art?

I found this old worn out chair at a Boot Sale and decided to work some MAGIC of my own on this timely piece of furniture.  Just got my trusty brushes out with some fabric paint and one-by-one painted the … Continue reading

Let’s Kick Our Heels!

Can you tell!  School starts again!  We parents are kicking up our heels!  and…..the exciting news is that Art Classes will be in full-swing once again.   It seems like we are all anxious to begin painting again.  Please check … Continue reading