Wild Horses Won’t Keep Me Away from my Art!

The seasons are quickly changing and I have had to find all my winter jumpers to keep the chill off.  This longing to keep warm and stay indoors does have advantages, however.  At the Creative Art Academy we are offering lots of fun classes to keep your interests high and your creativity in full swing!

On Friday, October 14th why don’t you come along to our Art Jamming class from 6.30-8.30.  You will be able to paint and enjoy a gourmet meal while unwinding after a full week of work…it is SO relaxing!  Besides all of our regular classes we are offering a Jewellery Making Class on Saturday, October 15th and, we are excited to say that another great Photography Class will be beginning November 5th for six weeks.  Parents and children are invited to participate as part of our Family Fun Saturday events.  These have proved very popular in the past so please come and join us.

I also wanted to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lauren Manning who is having her birthday party celebration at the Creative Art Academy on Saturday, October 29th…..she is sharing her special day with 8 friends for a fun-fill art experience of her choice…photos will follow in the next Newsletter.

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