Anyone Can Learn to Draw

We, at the Creative Art Academy, believe anyone can learn to draw whether they are “talented” or not.  Drawing is a skill like reading or cooking or playing soccer.  Sure, some people are naturals at these things, and look like pros their first day out, but the rest of us have to learn.  You can learn how to draw as easily as learning to cook or play soccer, and probably much easier than learning how to read.  At the Creative Art academy we break down for you step by step all the drawing processes.  Why not challenge yourself and give it a try.


We  also just added a class on Monday afternoons from 12:30-2:30.  This class is for serious minded students who want to gain greater knowledge of their artwork:  How to use the elements and principles of design to create the perfect composition; colour mixing theory; and answers any and all your questions regarding the “making of art”.  I have had over 40 years worth of experience in the field of art and enjoy sharing my knowledge to those interested individuals.  The class is informal and focuses more on the foundations of art.  One of the students has expressed a desire to sell her artwork and has asked for instruction regarding how to develop an original composition and wants to learn a variety of techniques to use to produce something worthy of selling.


The painting below is one example of incorporating the elements and principles of design.  It has a sense of balance, graduation, contrast, harmony, dominance and unity.  By studying other work of artists you like you can gain a wealth of information that will contribute to your own work and by developing a critical eye to enhance your paintings.


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