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Gone Fishing

It has been ages since I have blogged….but there are lots of good reasons. Firstly, I have been painting! Feast your eyes on my newest oil painting I call ‘Gone Fishing’.  I have to say that it certainly was a … Continue reading

This Little Pig Went to Market….

After concentrating on portraits for the past few years, Jack Hodd, decided to try a different genre….the whimsical piglet was finished just in time for a Christmas present for his grandchildren.  Check out Jack’s profile on the Gallery.  You will … Continue reading

Anyone Can Learn to Draw

We, at the Creative Art Academy, believe anyone can learn to draw whether they are “talented” or not.  Drawing is a skill like reading or cooking or playing soccer.  Sure, some people are naturals at these things, and look like … Continue reading

SWOOSH! Another Month Gone…Hello November!!!

  Swoosh!  Luke has the right idea…..let’s celebrate November with a Seascape….a reminder how awesome nature can be.  Luke is currently applying for an Art Scholarship at a nearby school.  He is madly trying to get all his artwork ready … Continue reading

Bow Wow! Don’t I Look Good!!!!!

Just wanted to share another gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.  This is our puppy….only he (Henry IX) is made out of papier-mache.  We discovered him at an art auction a few years ago and since then have made contact with the … Continue reading

Who is That?????

Jack is our Postman who has been painting at the Creative Art Academy for about four years.  His first pieces were in abstract form, but he has slowly emerged as a Portrait Artist.  This was his most recent rendition and … Continue reading

What Time is It?

Can you spot the difference?  This is a plain wall that has been painted in a brick motif to match the top of the fireplace in my daughter’s house.  We used sponges, left over emulsion that we found under her … Continue reading

Wild Horses Won’t Keep Me Away from my Art!

The seasons are quickly changing and I have had to find all my winter jumpers to keep the chill off.  This longing to keep warm and stay indoors does have advantages, however.  At the Creative Art Academy we are offering … Continue reading

The Three Bears

                    This isn’t the usual story of the Three Bears, but a new rendition by Jemima Tobin.  Her fantasy bears are the cutest and look great against her starry, starry night….well … Continue reading

Buggy over Sunflowers…

Jemima just finished her rendition of a beautiful sunflower complete with plastic bug!  She is learning how to fill her composition with a decorative border and then add a controversial twist.  We do have a weird sense of humour at … Continue reading