The Three Bears











This isn’t the usual story of the Three Bears, but a new rendition by Jemima Tobin.  Her fantasy bears are the cutest and look great against her starry, starry night….well done, Jemima.  What will you suprise us with next?

Jaymie is All Heart!

Jaymie just started at the Creative Art Academy a few weeks ago.  For her first project she decided to keep her composition quite simple, yet very dramatic!  This was her first introduction to trying oil paints….I think she has been impressed with the versatility of the medium…Jaymie has decided to do a LARGE landscape next….this is quite exciting….I think she is hooked!

Birthday Parties!!!

There were lots of birthdays over the summer holidays and this is a picture of Maia’s special party.  She invited 7 ‘best friends’ to the art workshop…Maia also selected her themed party to include 3 types of cuddly bears on their canvas.  Everyone had a great time and they all had a finished piece of art to hang on their bedroom walls. Happy Birthday Maia!!!  The guests all took home a completed painting and 1/2 price coupons to come to more classes.  What a treat!  Call for more information if you are interested in Art Parties for Kids….it’s great fun!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Hi my name is Mary……Have you ever had a teacher tell you to draw a picture of yourself.  Sometimes looking into that mirror can be so off-putting….but having fun with the assignment can interesting, too .  I tried to see how much I could change ‘my look’ in every sketch.  How many moods does one person have, anyway!?#  What do you think?  If you would like to learn how to draw portraits come along to a class or two…it isn’t as hard as you think….if I can do it, anyone can do it!  Honest!!!!!

Buggy over Sunflowers…

Jemima just finished her rendition of a beautiful sunflower complete with plastic bug!  She is learning how to fill her composition with a decorative border and then add a controversial twist.  We do have a weird sense of humour at art class.  HA!  Hope you enjoy the painting as well as Jemima’s lovely smile!

Treasures, Trash or Decorative Art?

I found this old worn out chair at a Boot Sale and decided to work some MAGIC of my own on this timely piece of furniture.  Just got my trusty brushes out with some fabric paint and one-by-one painted the chair in a floral design.  The woodwork had been recently painted a gloss black which was a perfect combination to my leaves….Hope you enjoy the BEFORE and we have AFTER pictures….what do you think?  If you like this type of art tuition, why not call and sign up for a class we have called Decorative Art for the Home…..I have my eyes on changing my bedside cabinets into a Chinese embossed work of art for my next project.  Can’t wait!!!!!

Let’s Kick Our Heels!

Can you tell!  School starts again!  We parents are kicking up our heels!  and…..the exciting news is that Art Classes will be in full-swing once again.   It seems like we are all anxious to begin painting again.  Please check out the class calendar because September is offering lots of new fun adventures.  See you all soon!   xxxx   Marcia, Ian and Judy!

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Summer has been a quiet time for me this year….lots of time with friends and reading books and painting on a daily basis. I am in the throes of painting some images for an art exhibit next May…I know it’s a long time away, but painting takes time and patience and while the summer is rather s-l-o-w and dreamy, why not paint!  This is a name board…a child’s name will be painted in the centre of the image…maybe to celebrate the birth of a new baby…who knows?!  Hope you enjoy.  This painting has been in oils, if you are interested in learning how to successfully paint with oils , then join one of our classes.  You will get one-to-one tuition……

Buddha Eyes in Hastings Old Town

Strange things are happening in the Old Town of Hastings….this Buddha Mural was commissioned and painted by Marcia Buckley for the launch of a new hairdressing salon in August 2011, called Serenity.  Please drop by to see the large interpretation  of the majestic Buddha located in their massage therapy room.  Marcia has been painting murals for the past 30 years and enjoyed every minute of the work.  She also does children’s bedrooms and will work with clients to determine what will work in various locations.  Hope you enjoy it!

Cooking Classes

Whether you want to learn to cook or are already a budding chef, this course is for you!  Mimi’s Cafe is a lively restaurant in the United States and I thought it would be novel and fun to introduce a variety of experiences in connection with this venue.  We will explore menu planning, create a cookbook, enhance your presentation skills, and try a few ‘knock out’ recipes to see how fun it can be to experience food from other countries.

For more information or to book, click the link below.

Cooking With Kids