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Art 4 Kids

Class Description


Art 4 Kids is an introduction into art for 5-15year olds. The classes will give them the backgroud they need to develop their skill and discover their own unique artistic style. The students are encouraged to enjoy their creativity, and will learn skills such as composition, perspective, use of colour, texture, shape, form, space and a whole lot more.

Each class is two hours in length. Billed monthly at £10/hour or pay as
you go.



What should you bring to the class?

Supplies are separate in price and depend on the art project.  We aim to keep our supply costs as low as possible, however.

Class Details

Start Date: 11 January
End Date: 25 January
Location: Main Studio
Taught By:
Marcia Buckley
Marcia Buckley

Amount: £ 10.00

Class Breakdown

11 January Main Studio 3:30 pm Art 4 Kids
18 January Main Studio 3:30 pm Art 4 Kids
25 January Main Studio 3:30 pm Art 4 Kids