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Marcia Buckley

Class Description

You don't have to be able to touch your toes or do the splits. Our classes will help you develop your body's capabilities and harmonise them with a calm and focused mind. Yoga starts on the mat, but has profound effects on well being and when practised regularly can even slow down the aging process. Our classes are bespoke to your individual needs!

Our yoga classes are now 90 minutes to meet your needs. 

Please contact Marcia at 01424-421120 or send an email to Please put Yoga in subject line of email.




What should you bring to the class?

Class Details

Start Date: 6 June
End Date: 27 June
Location: Main Studio
Taught By:
Marcia Buckley
Marcia Buckley

Amount: £ 10.00

Class Breakdown

6 June Main Studio 9:00 am Yoga
13 June Main Studio 9:00 am Yoga
20 June Main Studio 9:00 am Yoga
27 June Main Studio 9:00 am Yoga