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Art 4 Kids

Contact TASHA @ 07557-478196

Art 4 Kids is an introduction into art for 5-15 year olds. The classes will give them the background they need to develop their skill and discover their own unique artistic style. The students are encouraged to enjoy their creativity, and will learn skills such as composition, perspective, use of colour, texture, shape, form, space and a whole lot more.

Clay 4 Kids

Contact TASHA @ 07557-478196

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many kids have never experienced before. Its three dimensional nature forces them to think about structure, shapes and forms. There is something magical about children when they are thinking and working creatively. Once children learn to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of a classroom.


Contact Mimi @ 61424-421120

Whether you want to learn to cook or are already a budding chef, this course is for you! We will explore menu planning, create a recipe, enhance your presentation skills, and try a few 'knock out' recipes to see how fun it can be to experience food from other countries. The classes are designed to fit your needs. Your child may wish to come once a month, twice a month, or weekly. We aim to please. Classes are limited to 4 chefs at a time so book your place early if you wish to participate.

Drawing 4 Kids

Contact TASHA @ 07557-478196

You may think you can't draw, but everyone can learn. This class shows you how to get to grips with some of the basics: shapes, perspective, light, shadow, texture and many other techniques to help make accurate drawings.