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Colour and Style Analysis

Classes available upon request

Discover the theory of colour analysis. Take advantage, of, and enhance, what Mother Nature has given you. Most people can wear any colour and look 'nice'; to choose colours from your own personal spectrum will mean you look RADIANT. Knowing you look good in your colours is sure to improve your self-confidence. There are two separate workshops available: Colour Analysis and Style Analysis.

Declutter Your Life

Ok, so maybe you are a bit of a pack-rat...and every time you try to clean up your act, your home, your get frustrated! Everything is such a mess, where do you start, where do you begin.


Bespoke for you!

You don't have to be able to touch your toes or do the splits. Our classes will help you develop your body's capabilities and harmonise them with a calm and focused mind. Yoga starts on the mat, but has profound effects on well being and when practised regularly can even slow down the aging process.